Entry #24

~Collabs & Beat Battles~

2010-01-02 14:48:47 by Bleek989

Well Its 2010 Already Shit Is Crazy. So If Anyone Wants To Get Down On Some Collab-O's Or Beat Battles Lets Get Some Shit Goin On NG Again. My Man WyteNoiz Is About To Be Back Full Force Again Too. Ive Always Stuck Around NG For Some Reason, And Im Gonna Continue To Do So.

I use FL Studio 9 For ALL My Beats. Also Have A Variety Of Vst Plugins Which Include, Refx Nexus, Predator, NI-Pro53, Ravity (s), FM-7, FM-8, Absynth 4 (If You Have A Fully Working Copy Please Let Me Know) Toxic III, Hypersonic, Edirol Orchestral, And A Few More I Cant Think Of Off Hand.

Also Have A Wide Variety Of Producer Sound Kits.

Get @ Me


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2010-01-10 19:18:45

yo im tryna collab check me out